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Isolated Heroes is the result of a collaboration designer Raf Simons and photographer David Sims undertook in the backstage of the Raf Simons fashion show in the summer of 1999.

Featured on the pictures are Raf Simons’ models, dressed in his collection for Spring-Summer 2000. Each boy is credited with a serial number and his own first name. ‘Isolated Heroes’ contains both black and white and colour photographs.
This work is a sequence of faces and expressions, mindful boys and stern young men, their gaze fixed. They express nothing but their own personality.

All models were cast from the streets of Antwerp, hair by Guido Palau, make up by Peter Philips. The resulting images are an iconic realisation of 90s street style and attitude.

Initially conceived as a work in progress this collaboration became a highly regarded body of work in its own right, bridging the worlds of fashion, photography and art.


We offer the last copies from the first (and only) edition of this book, directly from the Raf Simons Archive in Antwerp.

A custom-message, handwritten by Raf Simons, is offered with the purchase of each book. Simply send us an e-mail at, mention your order number, and let us know what you’d like Raf Simons to write for you. 
Please note these handwritten messages could cause a later delivery.

 Published in 1999 by Raf Simons Office.

20 pages, 24 x 31 cm, hardcover, English.

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